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Medicalsouq is specialized sites that work to provide all medical supplies, and we always aims to provide the best quality medical supplies, always covets Our Shop (MedicalSouq) to be the largest specialized platform in the medical field

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All products on the site Medicalsouq are from reliable sources and authorized by the Ministry of World Health, and the site Medicalsouq has all medical supplies of mobility products.
 respiratory care , Maternity, baby care ,muzzles, disinfectants , Orthopedic and rehabilitation Supports, braces, as well as supplies for all , beauty supplies.
personal care and supplies for the elderly and home health, clinic supplies and doctors, All different blood pressure gauges


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Understanding Carpal, Cubital and Radial Tunnel Syndromes

Every year, thousands of people  are diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome. Similar conditions, such as cubital and radial tunnel syndrome, while not as well-known, are just as prevalent