About us

  Medicalsouq is specialized sites that work to provide all medical supplies, and we always aims to provide the best quality medical supplies, always covets Our Shop (MedicalSouq) to be the largest specialized platform in the medical field.

All products on the site Medicalsouq are from reliable sources and authorized by the Ministry of World Health, and the site Medicalsouq has all medical supplies of mobility products, respiratory care , Maternity,baby care ,muzzles, disinfectants , Orthopedic and rehabilitation Supports,braces, as well as supplies for all , beauty supplies, personal care and supplies for the elderly and home health, clinic supplies and doctors, All different blood pressure gauges

The Medicalsouq also took care of respiratory devices and worked a special section for respiratory care to work to provide all respiratory devices, and the Medicalsouq does not forget to allocate traffic facilitation requirements for the elderly, and the medical market team is interested in sterilizing all products before the packaging process and during the packaging and in accordance with the recommendations and instructions issued by the Egyptian Ministry of Health and take all necessary measures to deal with the new Corona virus, and work to counter and reduce its spread, as the site Medical Market In cooperation with a lot of traders And agents of all international brands in order to import the finest products and provide them to all our valued customers

The Medicalsouq has filled all the gaps in the markets as a result of the increased withdrawal of all requirements for sterilization and prevention as a result of CORONA virus and its spread, the site provided all the needs of individuals disinfectants and muzzles and many other supplies that there is excess portability, as the site Medical Market provides all medical devices and medical equipment as the site makes offers continuously to work to satisfy all its customers, as the site offers fast shipping service to all its valued customers

The payment is made through many different ways, whether on receipt or through Visa Card or MasterCard, as the Medicalsouq team works on the self-development of Medicalsouq and work to expand within the Arab Republic of Egypt and abroad to reach expansion throughout the Middle East, all the Arab Gulf states and Africa.