Shipping Policy

The shipping policy provides its valued customers, all types of shipping and is at the highest level, and looks a lot for the service that is in this way, and offers with simplicity and high taste, all this through this article.

MedicalSouq  Shipping Policy

MedicalSouq  is very keen to be very distinctive, and the product that is your primary to your order .  Our main goal is to make our customers' experience as satisfying and comfortable as possible, although we want to keep you well with the products you buy through us.

This is the purpose of the shipping policy, but we are working that we give you the option to return orders as you are not satisfied at any time as we accept all returns made within 10 days, from the date you received our product, this is on condition that it is unused before that, and is not covered by the original packaging and is not damaged by any damage after we receive the product and check it for the product returned from you, we will return the full amount deducted from it costs Shipping only, this will be a purchase voucher if the option is to pay you when you receive and if it's a reference to your account and you can pay credit Card  , we're very careful about that. The payment method that is made through us .

We are already on the most comfortable and confident routes for all customers and are without fatigue or effort at all, because we are very careful about the shipping policy If you have opened this product but are not satisfied with it, and are already in its original state with its entire packaging, we will do the necessary work with you. We are also characterized by customer satisfaction,   We will give you the option to return it within 30 days of receipt as well, as for the shipping method. We also have our unparalleled ideas, and we offer you all the comforts in all the ways you imagine, and you can also use our wallet balance, To make a new purchase that is less than or equal to our portfolio balance, and if the entire total amount of the new purchase, including shipping fees, is less than or exactly equal to your available balance, this system is provided to you.  It teaches you that there is enough balance in the wallet, and you will then need to compress the application mode of any product  The amount from the new purchase will already be deducted from your available balance, this is one of the most appropriate ways that you can already be available directly, so we are also keen on shipping policy.

Quality products provided by MedicalSouq

Indeed, quality is at the highest level of experts and order, and we are always keen on the great attention of all products, this is the best and best, because we always take care of the general form of us, and when you order the product in a small time, the delegate reaches you as soon as possible, and gives you all the comforts, and indeed this is the goal, to be the highest experience on all shipping companies, and this is what the company seeks. Indeed, there are many companies, but we always take full care of all our customers, and you can now order the product in general, and be absolutely confident that we will do everything you want, and we will provide you with all your services, we are distinguished by the fact that we take care of the trust of our customers.

Shipping policy, this article we presented distinctively, so that everyone knows that our shipping service is at the highest level, I hope to be your statement.